Dogs Are Way More Awkward In SloMo

The Slo Mo Guys are back and diverging from their usual break, shoot, and explode things routine. Because what’s more popular than breaking, shooting, and exploding things in slow motion? Puppies!!

Keyboards In Key

Modern music is largely made by computer and keyboards have begun to replace more traditional well, keyboards (as in the Casio kind). So the concept of this video, I get. But I can’t help but giggle when the guy plays his own face.

Please Mind ‘The Gap’

Here’s some inspiration for the day or maybe even the year. Doing something you love and not getting results or recognition is difficult. It’s easy to think that if I work hard and do good work I should be successful, right? But no. I’ve been working on this blog for over 3 years and it’s not some big brand that everyone has heard of. Not that I thought it to be, but I did expect it to be more popular that it is by now. Not getting the results you feel like you’ve earned is deflating and you start to ‘give up’ or care less at the exact moment that you are about to break through and should be pushing harder. So this is a reminder from the wise and accomplished Ira Glass to not give up, try harder, care a little bit more, and close your own creative gap.

Some Guy Makes A Song About Being ‘Some Guy’

Jonathan Mann is a guy. Fact. He is a guy who has made a video of him singing a new original song everyday for the past 2000 plus days. Also a fact. But no matter how hard he tries to get his name out there, he turns into ‘some guy’ any time he does anything notable. Oh, the media. As a journalist myself, I don’t know if this will ever change. But at least we now have ‘some guy’ singing a entertaining song about it.

Viral Video Alert: Rollie the Armadillo vs Squeak Toy 

I can’t tell who is winning but this is definitely adorable. 

Love Advice To My Younger Self

Yup. Sounds about right. Also, high five Buzzfeed for sharing this advice that’s both universally true and free of social standards. Yes, she likes girls but it you don’t, it doesn’t make any of it less true.

‘The World’ Sings

When you are happy ‘The World’ sings. As do I. And apparently this band, The Family Crest.

Viral Video Alert: Everything is NOT Awesome

This Green Peace video some how makes plastic building toys emotionally heart wrenching. As a global citizen, I care about the ice caps and have heard my whole life about how oil has been destroying them. I’ve seen images of the adorable animals literally on thin ice covered in oil. That said,  I’m not a political person so I can’t really speak to this specific cause. But, in my opinion, Green Peace has definitely rose to new heights when it comes to tearing at your heart strings.

Silent Skill of Making Scissors

Stunning shots of a craftman making scissors, lacks commentary but beautiful nonetheless. As a kid, I hated metal scissors. They felt cheap and heavy next to the newer plastic handled ones. And they gave left-handed me the worst blisters. However, watching one of the last ‘makers’ of metal scissors at work makes me miss that mundane grade school tool that I so hated.

Hard Time For Giving (and Getting)

Loving this song by Seinabo Sey. The video has a Bloody Mary meets Alice and Wonderland type thing happening. It works.