Josey Builds a Bakery

A few years I sat next to Josey, a very passionate and interesting guy, at a dinner party. He wasn’t a professional baker yet per se but he brought the bread and it was delicious. Now this same man has his own shop that happens to have a massive cult following in San Francisco. Am I surprised? Not really. He is awesome. And I want to support him and all the great things he is doing. I’ve yet to swing by and check out the Mill (I was previously spoiled buying his bread at Mission Pie) but it’s clearly worth the mile or so trip. Josey’s story is an inspirational one as you can see in this mini-documentary.

A Hidden Photographer Famous For Not Wanting To Be

The few peaks I’ve seen of the photos of Vivian Maier in this trailer astounded me. To think someone could hide a secret hobby their whole life and be this talented seems unreal. Maybe that’s why this story warrants it’s own documentary. I will likely have to go see this. In case you were wondering, it just released in (select?) theaters earlier this week.

Viral Video Alert: GoldieBlox ‘Princess Machine’

In true tribute to the Beastie Boys, this ad for a toy targeted to the next generation of (female) engineers rocks. There are so many nerdy elements to it that you can easily get past all the pink to see the point being made: little girls can be more than just princesses.

If Mario was Produced by Christopher Nolan

…it would likely look something like this. Part of a four episode series, I think I like the Mario one the best, but also worth checking out a modern gritty take on Luigi, Princess Peach, and Toadstool.

(Potentially) Viral Video Alert: IKEA

We all know that like space, IKEA, is a dark void filled with matter. Shiny, Swedish-made, build-it-yourself matter. But what happens when you lose yourself? Lose track of time? Lose others? It all falls apart. A spoof on the trailer to the movie Gravity, this IKEA short shows how overwhelming and suspenseful furniture shopping can be.

His dog’s name is Champ

Ashtira Furman holds the most Guinness World records of all time. Sample of records: skipping, balancing a cigar box on his chin, tiddlywinks. In this perfect short documentary from Brian McGinn, trains for a new record: climbing Machi Picchu on stilts.

A Harry Potter fan film from across the pond

And by “across the pond,” I mean the good ol’ US of A. Since pretty much the entirety of the Harry Potter series takes place in the UK, I dig seeing a fan film that deals with the wizarding world further abroad, with new characters and a new macguffin. Nice.

A marching band movie medley that really elevates the game

How have we not shared this yet? I mean, this is art.

If Space Is New New Frontier, Where Will That Leave Earth?

The year is 2183. Earth is dead. With all evidence of organic life lost, a cosmic archaeologist travels faster than light into deep space to capture images of the once vibrant planet. When his vessel is damaged he must take matters into his own hands, risking his life to witness humanity’s lost home.

I am always awestruck when small teams of talent people make and release stunning independent SciFi. And this video steps it up a notch for me. The visuals are all so meticulous and believable. The story is subtle but enough to make you think what would it be like light years in the future if we had to abandon Earth and take to space.

Percussive Maintenance

I love it when supercuts get musical, and I love it when supercuts include clips of things I love like Doctor Who and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and so this supercut is CHOICE.