Five Shorts, Same Script

If there are two things I don’t really see together, it’s Bombay Sapphire and SciFi. But when I dug down into it, the Bacardi-owned gin brand is actually doing something quite innovative. In their ‘Imagination Series‘ they gave filmmakers across the globe the same script outline to see what unique, creative, stunning scenarios they could create with it. The five winners, including the one above, premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and are being promoted by Bombay online. It’s a pretty great opportunity for a budding filmmaker. I hope this wasn’t a one time PR stunt and is something the brand continues to do.

The Wes Anderson Mixtape

I, like many people, often joke that every Wes Anderson movie looks the same. Maybe it’s because they do. That certainly won’t stop me from watching each new installment. But, I do find great enjoyment in seeing how close shot for shot his movies can be. Especially, when said visuals are subject to the brilliant remixing of Eclectic Method.

Tiny Hamsters Eating Tiny Burritos

Really, the title just says it all. Those cheeks!

A Ginuwinely amazing figure skating routine

Thanks to a very clever remixer and Ginuwine’s “Pony,” this classic figure skating routine by Evgeni Plushenko and his muscle suit will make you yearn for a world where Magic Mike incorporated ice skates.

Pyro Boards: How Fire Responds To Music

Fire. Dancing. But, not in a pyro circus way. It is dancing on it’s own (with the help of science) to the beat of the bass line. And it’s awesome!

Oculus Rift Helps Dying Grandma Explore

I find the elderly using new technologies incredibly charming, generally. But this video strikes a special cord for me. First, because when the family emailed Oculus, they sent them a demo unit same day. Secondly, because in the last month of her life, the immobile Roberta Firstenberg had the chance to virtually see butterflies, hear the ocean, and walk outside before she finally gave in to cancer. At least she got to take one last trip up the stairs. (Sometimes the Internet makes you cry.)

Tokyo Reverse

“Tokyo Reverse” is nine hours of live music set to a man walking backwards in Tokyo. The footage was reversed so it looks like everyone else is walking backwards instead. Obviously, way cooler. Tokyo is such a foreign city in design and culture that seeing this way only adds to the beauty and alienation. It’s really quite mesmerising.

The best advertisement for studying abroad you’ll ever see

Oh, to be young and full of life and in Barcelona. A music video/travelogue that captures four months of a student’s life in six minutes.

78 Fingered-Robot Plays Guitar Better Than You

This is one of those cases where the thing in the video is more impressive than anything related to the video itself. Meet Squarepusher’s Z-Machines, a robot band built by a team from the University of Tokyo. The music might not be for everyone (unless you’ve been longing for the glory days of Rush), but we’re talking about a rock band that looks something like an arachnid Daft Punk with one crucial difference – these are real robots. The song, “Sad Robots Go Funny” was an attempt to prove that robots could convey emotion. It’s a bit sterile, but it does provoke one clear response: wonder. (ViaWired.)

AT&True Detective

I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the fact that this commercial has been running on loops on every video streaming site lately and is permanently imprinted on my brain. Or maybe it’s how nonchalant yet completely spot on this Matthew McConaughey impression is. Whatever ‘it’ is, I kind of love it.