Viral Video Alert: Leaked Star Wars Film Set

Taken by a traveler flying through Frankfurt airport. Apparently, Germany’s landscape makes for the perfect desolate droid-filled future. But more importantly this fly-on-the-wall footage features live Star Wars set pieces in action!!!! As the Guardian notes, ‘the farce is strong with this one.’

Thirsty Tetris Theme Song

The Tetris themes played on water glasses. Yes, apparently, there are still new ways to play.

Sounds like Summer

Every summer needs a soundtrack. This year this track by Alvvays titled ‘Adult Diversion’ will be mine.

Proof that Dogs are Captain of the House

Unfortunately, my dog isn’t nearly nerdy enough to pull this off, but just the mental image of her glaring at me from a Star Trek themed bed is completely hilarious to me.

Pay Per Laugh

Spanish ad agency Xavi Lab found a way to boost attendance at comedy clubs by charging people per laugh, with the help of some facial recognition tech.


How much do you know about Ramen? This much? Yes. No. I don’t know. I know it’s delicious and I will eat it always, everywhere I go. This video by PBS digital’s new channel FoodBuzz will school on the noodley mystery that is Ramen.

Monkey See Monkey Do

As a lover of board games, I find this Kickstarter project to be down right awesome. A year or so ago, I tried to teach myself to code. But like most people who try to pick up a skill they don’t need on the day to day, I eventually got frustrated and stopped trying. That doesn’t mean that I don’t still think it’s a super important skill to learn. Frankly, I find it more valuable in modern society than knowing a foreign language. I also admire that the game creator took time to test the game and make sure that it’s something kids (and likely larger kids like me) would actually enjoy playing. Though Code Monkey Island’s crowdfunding campaign ended, you can still pre-order on their website. Best news is it is actually said to ship soon.

BEES! Keeper

Since bee colonies recently began to collapse and disappear, there’s been a trending interest toward beekeeping. Like chickens in the yard, it’s become a thing that you can do to help nature and learn to appreciate the food that you eat. And as much as I appreciate the people who do these things, it’s not for me. I guess it’s not my passion. But I am happy to see that there are people who truly care and find craft in natures under-appreciated workforce, honey bees.

Planetary Panoramas

Created using long exposure on a custom rig of four cameras with fisheye lenses, this stellar timelapse shows a 360 degree panorama of the night sky from Earth.

h/t Laughing Squid

Pomplamoose Perfects ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’

Yes, I am a known fan of both Jack Conte and his band Pomplamoose. That aside, this cover of the popular ‘Wizard of OZ’ song was so raw and graceful it gives me chills.