Nightmare Before Game of Thrones

SPOILER ALERT (if you aren’t caught up on seasons 1-3)! As someone who never got into Game of Thrones, this animated spoof of Burton’s ‘What’s This’ song embodies my reaction to the popular show I know so little about. Until you are willing to 100% commit, Game of Thrones is a foreign world that makes no sense. Nor does what all your friends keep saying about it.

Rapping, Beatboxing, Turntablism and Fancy Dancing: Supaman Does it All

Recently selected as Artist of the Week by MTV, Supaman can apparently do everything but fly. Which, incidentally, is still hella fly.

BaneCat Insights His Wrath

Cats by nature are pretty evil but BaneCat? Well that’s just funny and weirdly adorable.

I Heart This Heart-Shaped Box Cover

There is so much to love about this video: her voice, the visuals, pure raw talent. But what makes me smile just a bit brighter is the fact that Kawehi made it to thank supporters of her Kickstarter project who gave her just under ten grand to tour and make music. Also I enjoy that she’s chilling in a such classy joint with a glass of wine singing NIRVANA.

Viral Video Alert: Dogs React to Magic

In this cute and quite hilarious video a Nordic magician uses his skills to make a ordinary dog treat disappear. How do the dogs feel about that? Watch and see.

Viral Video Alert: Conference Call in Real Life

5 million people have watched this video over the past week. If you are not one of them and you have ever worked a corporate job, you should take a break from whatever you are doing and be ready to feel equal parts giggly and deeply frustrated.

Free Falling into the Abyss

This is stunning. It seems near impossible that anyone could stand at a ledge on the ocean floor and dive head first off of it. But what is even more mind-blowing is that they could do all this in one breath.

World champion freediver Guillaume Nery calmly walks into the water then dives into the deepest blue hole in the world, Dean’s Blue Hole, which measures 663 feet to the bottom.

The cinematography is beautiful. I have no idea how they knew to put the cameras where they did. Was there a diver filming? Nope. It was his girlfriend is also a freediver. So many mysteries. I want to become a champion freediver so I too can fall into the cracks in the ocean.

Magic Eye Music Video

To be honest, I don’t know if this is the best or worst idea ever. That said, it’s still incredibly cool. I was all about Scholastic’s Magic Eye as a kid and relished in seeing things my friends couldn’t. Now as a grown-ass adult who stares at a computer screen all day, I’m not seeing so clearly through all that fuzz. But that doesn’t stop me from trying and admiring the Young Revel’s awesome concept.

By using one of several different techniques to view them, an autostereogram produces the illusion of depth perception. To view autostereograms, people have to “decouple” or defocus their eyes, which tricks the brain into seeing the slight variations in the repeating pattern as depth information, Raab wrote in this post on the band’s website. 

Apple Turned the Big 3-0 And Made This Video

In 24hrs. Shot entirely on iPhones, this rumored Apple commercial skipped the Superbowl and went straight the the Internet. Pretty smart of you Apple. It’s no ’1984′ but it definately makes a statement. iPhones are everywhere. It’s amazing how different the world has become now that amazing, creative, talented people carry mini-computers in their pockets.

This Droid Breakdances and Does Manual Labor

Just looking at it, I was like ‘ummm so cool’ then I saw this bot in action and I turned into a gleeful child. ‘Robots are awesome’ and they are most likely going to ‘take our jobs’. Thanks NASA.