Chess from the Future

If there was one thing that board games really needed to make them cool again, it’s not the iPad, but this amazing levitating surface powered by magnetic force.

Viral Video Alert: World Cup Ad By Beats

Two million views in 2 days, this online ad gives me more FOMO about not being in Rio at the World Cup than it does for its headphones. But it’s still a stunning short film.

Drum Beat(box)ing

I feel compelled to state that under no circumstances is ‘beating’ a child ok. But, clearly this kid is having fun and my guess is he asked his dad to ‘do it again’ once they stopped recording.

Dancing with the Stars

As in the ones in the sky, not the B-list celebrity ones. Like staring into the heavens on a brightly light night, this unique performance is serene, humbling, mesmerizing.

Awesome News: The Internet is Bringing Reading Rainbow Back

LeVar Burton raised nearly 2 million dollars on Kickstarter in one day. He will be bring back Reading Rainbow to the masses of kids who should be motivated and excited to read. Guys, we made Geordi cry tears of joy. Yay internet!

Slayer Solo on Banjo

I never intentionally listen to metal. It just seems to happen around me. But this I could get into. Musician Rob Scallon really rocks some steel strings. In a super hardcore way, of course.

Human Transformer

I think I was as surprised as these kids at this buskers transformation. Robot in disguise!

'Cooligans' Extreme Pogo

Though I’m not sure pogo has ever really been ‘cool.’ It sure is impressive to see these guys master the awkward toy/transportation that always seemed to serve as klutzy counting contest. Extra bonus points for the awesome chiptunes music.

Homemade Fully Automatic Wolverine Claws

First of all, this. is. awesome. Second, if I had to pick what gory death were to come to me… this. I chose this. The tech behind the claws is still yet to be seen, though these backyard garage claws seems largely mechanical. Also insanely dangerous. But so so very cool.


What does a robot do when they are stranded in the desert with no juice?