Slayer Solo on Banjo

I never intentionally listen to metal. It just seems to happen around me. But this I could get into. Musician Rob Scallon really rocks some steel strings. In a super hardcore way, of course.

Human Transformer

I think I was as surprised as these kids at this buskers transformation. Robot in disguise!

'Cooligans' Extreme Pogo

Though I’m not sure pogo has ever really been ‘cool.’ It sure is impressive to see these guys master the awkward toy/transportation that always seemed to serve as klutzy counting contest. Extra bonus points for the awesome chiptunes music.

Homemade Fully Automatic Wolverine Claws

First of all, this. is. awesome. Second, if I had to pick what gory death were to come to me… this. I chose this. The tech behind the claws is still yet to be seen, though these backyard garage claws seems largely mechanical. Also insanely dangerous. But so so very cool.


What does a robot do when they are stranded in the desert with no juice? 

Viral Video Alert: Around the World in 360° Degrees

The ultimate selfie compilation documented like never before in a 360° Degree rotation in every major site and exotic place in over 36+ countries. Alex Chacon is on a Modern Motorcycle Diaries driving his motorcycle over 200,000+ Km crossing 75+ borders around the world to the most remote and undiscovered places on earth on this charitable expedition.

SF Time Lapse

Lots of people do these, but this is one of my all-time favorites. Oh, and how about Mike Snow?

Viral Video Alert: Fresh Guacamole

PES is old school when it comes to making awesome live action videos online. They have a number of chart toppers with millions of views. Their latest upload earned them nearly 5 million views in a week. It also makes you quite hungry.

The Incredible Similarity Between Neon and Salmon

Everyone in NYC knows, the best place to get salmon and cream cheese on a bagel is the Lower East Side landmark, Russ & Daughters. But there’s more to the store than lox and capers… one of its iconic elements is their old-school neon sign.

Fly By Dune Buggy

Here’s a run down of some of the features: 0 to 60 in 4 seconds, all terrain, 115 mph, and has a parachute that engages and lift you off the road to fly about at a speed of 55mph. I have no idea what non-recreational purpose one would use this for, but I feel like there needs to be a ranch in Utah somewhere that let’s folks explore nature where the roads won’t talk you (and a flying dune buggy will).